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From the author of Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart comes a new collection of personal essays on life, baseball, and things that matter. Part memoir and part reflection, lawyer and writer Mark J. Ehlers addresses life in all its dimensions; the passage of time and of unmet dreams, the conflicts of faith in a secular age, the redeeming quality of the human spirit, and a lifelong bond with baseball. It is for anyone who believes that life is too precious to cease thinking and learning, and recognizes that, in the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel, "There is no human being who does not carry a treasure in his soul: a moment of insight, a memory of love, a dream of excellence..." 

"I believe human interaction is at its best when people are not afraid to reveal themselves, when we are open to civil discourse and healthy give-and-take on matters of substance. Besides, the weather has never been all that interesting to me." – From Life Goes On by Mark Ehlers.


About Mark


Mark J. Ehlers is a father, lawyer, student of life, baseball fanatic, part-time political philosopher, and social critic. A former federal prosecutor, Mark lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is a managing director of a corporate investigations firm.  In his spare time, Mark authors his blog, Ehlers on Everything - - a collection of essays on life, politics, baseball and religion. 



 Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart is a collection of interesting and thoughtful essays on life, politics, baseball and religion. Combining humor, insight and wisdom, the essays touch upon the personal and the political, from autobiographical and personal reflections on life and death, of hopes fulfilled and dreams deferred, to political and social commentary on a variety of current and timely issues. In each case, the writings reflect meaningfully on life in all its dimensions. The essays on baseball should appeal even to the non-fan, for these essays see baseball as merely a metaphor for life.  And in addressing religious-based themes, the author is careful not to preach, but instead directs the reader to think, reflect and ask questions important in our quest for a meaningful existence. This a book for anyone who believes that life is too short to remain uninvolved, time too precious to cease learning, thinking, caring, and laughing.

“Perhaps someday I will grow up, develop perspective, finally realize that baseball is only a game, a pastime, a place of pastoral beauty, symmetry, and timeless perfection intended to soothe a weary soul. For now, I am forced to face the fall alone.” – From Eat Bananas and Follow Your Heart by Mark Ehlers